Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am very late in doing so, but have slowly bought into the Crossfit thing. Its been a busy summer of events and my right arch has been bothering me during the run. Turns out that I am running the Tulsa Marathon in less than 3 weeks with only a couple of 5 milers under my belt. I need to be doing something other than eating potato chips on my couch.
Last week I did my first workout, which was pretty weak. It consisted of rounds of 20 push ups, 5 pull ups and 20 sit ups in a period of 20 minutes. All in all, I got in 160 pushups, 40 pull ups, and 160 sit ups. Yesterday I did another, my second; 10 pushups on gymnastic rings, 20 body weight squats and 20 sit ups in 20 minutes. That equalled 80, 160 and 160 respectively.
We will soon see if my committment level is in it. These 20 minute slash fests are making me pretty sore (kind of ashamed to admit), but I hope to reach the fitness level of my boy Jer soon. The good news is it does seem to be working.
Before and after....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day Trip Report

Sunday a small group of us decided to make the short drive down to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge for some backcountry climbing at Lost Dome. LD is a south facing formation in the Charon's Wilderness Garden area that is a great destination for cold winter climbing due to catching sunlight all day long.

At 5:30 am me, Andrew, Shane, Steven and Nicki packed into my rig and we booked it down in the dark, pulling into the parking lot just in time for the refuge light. 40 minutes later we were standing under Lost Dome in the chilly morning air, looking up at the imposing wall and getting psyched for a day of pulling.

Being that I am massively out of shape I opted for warm up laps with Andrew on Come Get Your Love (10a) while Steven and Shane started up Larry's Folly (8+) to get the top rope set up for Steven's proj, the refuge benchmark 12a Rap Bolters From Hell. Four laps later, my aching muscles, gasping lungs and raw finger tips signal that my climbing day is almost over. What?

I'm licking my wounds about the time Steven redpoints Rap Bolters and we are hootin and screaming. Spirits are high when Tony and Lori Mayse show up. Tony sets up some TR's on classic routes for us to work (Thanks Tony!).

Fast forward to 4 pm and we are hiking out of the Gardens. The climbing day is done.

We get back to the city in just enough time to grab a shower and a bite to eat before walking over to the Kings of Leon show at the Coca Cola Event Center. Stellar show!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have the most beautiful niece in the world. No, I'm not biassed. My view point is not skewed by bloodlines. Corey has some massive blue eyes and a big bright smile that knocks ya down. She is outgoing, laughs constantly, and loves everyday of her early and inexperienced world.
Ok, so I might be a little biassed...

I dig taking photos of Corey, and this past Tuesday was was no different. We took her out downtown in some spots around my apartment and did some shoot shoot shoot.

You agree with me.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm not new to the blog world. I've been reading many friends and colleagues "rants" and "opinions" for years. Shoot, my father is the master blogger. He actually sports I BLOG on his personalized Oklahoma license plate.

But I've been reluctant to begin this little endeavor in my own life. Maybe I don't want others to see into my life? Maybe I have a hard time with reflection? Maybe I'm afraid that my blog will suck and no one will read it? Who knows why...

I'm stepping into the unknown here. This might be my first, and last, post but I'm at least going to try it out.

In this new endeavor I'll mostly likely spew about my adventures, thoughts (maybe not so much), photos, and maybe even some political or social views (ok, I'll probably leave that alone too).

Add me to your favorites and check back in from time to time. This could possibly get good.

I'm in.