Sunday, May 31, 2009

OKC Boathouse International Triathlon - Elite Men Images

As is with last weekend, I just got back in from a long day all over Oklahoma yesterday shooting photos with my good friend Tony Mayse. Tony has a new guidebook coming out in the coming months and we were short on some climbing photos for it, so we planned a jet-set day of driving, climbing and sweating. It had been a while since Tony and I had hung out so it was great to catch up on life and other good stuff.

90 degrees at Quartz Mountain and the Refuge didn't bode well for sending, and the sun beat us down like step children, but we got what we wanted, jumped in the car, cranked the air conditioning on high, and headed back to OKC. Like all the commas?

I've been holding out on the men's shots from the OKC Boathouse Triathlon due to talks with publications and getting some of them published, but the time has come and I'm syked to show them.

Go here for the sweetness.

Monday, May 25, 2009

OKC Boathouse International Triathon Photos - elite women

Ok, so I'm back in town after a long weekend in Arkansas. We got just enough good weather to shoot some nice photos on the steep sandstone in Dardanelle Rock, Sams Throne, and Cave Creek. I'm psyched.

I'm behind in the game. I finally got around to editing the "elite women division" photos from the OKC Boathouse International Triathlon a couple of weekends ago-Or was that last weekend? It's all running together in my mind. Regardless, I'm done with them and I gotta say I was very satisfied with the results.

Go check them out and let me know what you think. Elite Men are still to come, and I saved the best for last.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

OKC Boathouse International Triathlon

It's Thursday evening. I'm pressed for time. I leave in the morning to shoot photos in Arkansas for a new rock climbing guidebook that is coming out in September. But I want to post a couple of photos.

Last weekend elite athletes from all over the hemisphere gathered in OKC for this event called the OKC Boathouse International Triathlon. I'll post more pics and words later, I have so much to say. But for now I'll leave you with the worst photos of the bunch.

These are the junior elite men. It was morning. Light was bad. Stay tuned for the "good" stuff.....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sick Six mtb race

This past Sunday I had some good buddies from Kansas City come into town to visit, and do the Sick Six mountain bike race at Clearbay Trail in Norman, OK.

Now I'm no stranger to endurance events, but this was to be my first 6 hour race on dirt, riding my single speed mountain bike. The rains we had been getting the past week had led many of us to believe that the event would be cancelled. Alas, we received a call at 1 pm on Saturday confirming that the Sick Six was still on. I was syked, tired from the week of busyness, but syked nonetheless.

Cameron, Travis and Jesse rolled into OKC about 11:30 on Saturday night and crashed out in the living room. My sleep had been scarce over the past week due to busy photo schedule and some friends from Switzerland and Brazil, who were in for the Boathouse Triathlon on Saturday (photos to come on that later). But I was still ready to ride and felt plenty recovered from the marathon a couple weeks back.

Sunday morning we roll into the trailhead. Red Bull banner. Loud music. Registration. Prepare. Lemans start. The rains had left the trail muddy and sloppy for the first hour or so. Fortunately the course began to dry out as the warm weather settled in on us.

My first lap (approx 6.6 miles) I took it easy trying to adjust to the wet trail and keep my reserves for the remainder of the race. My buddy Jesse and I had both decided on riding our single speeds with rigid forks, mostly because that is all we have. So Jesse and I stay on pace pretty closely in the first lap and I finish a minute or two behind him, and start out on the second lap. A couple miles or so into the second lap I pass Jesse and wonder if he is feeling ok. He had slowed considerably.

Thunderbird is a singletrack trail with a good amount of climbs, technical sections and fast track roller coasters. Most of the technical sections were cut out of the loop we rode for the race. But the climbs beat me up.

Four laps in and I'm hurting a bit. I still feel Jesse's breath down the back of my neck so I keep pushing. The climbs are killing me. I have to walk a 15 foot section of "huffy hill". Jesse's humping my back wheel, not really, but it feels like it. Peanut butter sandwich, banana, gel, gatorade. I feel better. A little.

I finish lap 7 and stop quickly, but I have no food left. I'm offered a Powerbar and scarf it along with some water. Bad idea. Hadn't had a Powerbar in years. My tummy don't likey. Knots in the stomach. I push on. 5 minutes into the 8th lap I really feel Jesse on my crack. I let him pass. He's gone.

Jesse had played his cards right. He kept me in sight the entire race. Saw me faulter, and went for my jugular. He saw I was hurting. Saw the climbs were beating me up. Passed me on a climb. And I never saw him again.

The race ended at the end of Jesse and my 9th laps, and I was a full two minutes behind him. He toughed out a gutsy race and kicked it in, very nicely done. Second in the single speed category. Fourth for me.

No matter. It was a great experience, and I'm ready for the next step into the ring, a 12 hour ride like our boy Lucas just handled. Still gonna be on my single speed though.

Randy relaxing after his technical break on lap three.

Cameron and Travis killed the team division by more than 30 minutes, which isn't a surprise in the least. They were burning the track. Randy Banning had some technical difficulties with his bike on lap 3 and had to throw in the towel.

Thanks to Nicki for helping us out and taking all the good photos!!!!!!!