Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free fall fun at Holdistic

Holdistic Climbing Gym is about a month away from opening in Edmond Oklahoma. This past Thursday, my friends Emily Harrington and Andrew Tower (from went up with me to check the place and see how everything was going. Freddy Harth is the owner of Holdistic, and has been working hard to get the place ready to roll for the May 1st opening. He has also put together some sweet walls and boulders, including an ingenius design that includes a 28 foot bouldering wall that gives the climber a free fall into a pit of foam. It's still in the works, and the foam will be updated eventually, but this thing is AWESOME!!!!

I shot a sequence of Emily on the wall. Peep.


5Kgoatgirl said...

Looks cool. I would not be able to climb high enough to fall into the foam - sigh. I am a weakling. oh well.

Bronco said...

That's Sick!!! I am coming soon and we will go!

sam said...